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How to see who viewed your Youtube video

How to see who viewed your Youtube video

More than hundreds of people come across your Youtube videos every day. So, you can expect a major part of the population also watching your videos. The perfect place to track your video and channel progress and also get a detailed analysis is Youtube Analytics. It has all types of tools to help you improve your channel and the outreach of your videos. So, in order to track your viewers’ activities in your channel, you should definitely make use of the Youtube Analytics tools and accordingly buy Youtube views cheap to maintain the balance of views to your channel. This article describes that How to see who viewed your Youtube video!

How to check who has been viewing your Youtube videos?

It is quite simple to get the complete analysis of your Youtube channel performance.

  • Check out the audience tab in Youtube Analytics to get a gist on who has been watching your videos. You can also track people who are new viewers or your returning viewers. This analysis also shows data when you buy youtube views as well.
  • Go to your profile picture on Youtube. From there select Youtube studio.
  • Then from the list of selections, go to Analytics. There you will find many options such as Watch time, Demographics, location, likes, comments and more.

List of filters for Youtube Analytics

  • Watch time
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Demographics
  • Traffic
  • Location
  • Time frame
  • Real time tracking

You cannot see the names of all the people who are viewing your videos but you can get an idea as to what section of people are watching you. Some of the options in which you can see the account names of the people interacting with your video are:

We know that the names of the people who comment on videos are visible in the comment section. That is one way you can know people who are interacting with your videos.

Another possible method is subscribers but it is only possible if they have allowed the channel to see their name. This is another way through which you can know the names of the people engaged with your channel.

It is not possible to know the names of all the viewers of your channel. You can only know the number of people and from the analytics, the kind and location of the people watching your videos. Buy Youtube views cheap to increase your viewers.

How to understand your audience

Audience: The audience tab is a useful filter for your Youtube channel analysis. It helps you categorize your audience into gender, age and location. From this you will understand which age group or region is attracted more to your videos. You can create videos to acknowledge that particular category.

Devices: You can also find the type of devices from the device tab. This tab helps you understand what kind of devices bring in more views so that you can make further videos based on that.

Traffic: If you buy Youtube views alongside gaining natural views, you can also track the traffic of your videos. This describes where you reach your audience more. Traffic can be internal and external. Internal traffic means that most of your audience reaches you from within Youtube itself. Evidently, external traffic means reach from links outside of Youtube, mainly social media.

Top videos: This filter helps you analyze which videos lead your audience to watch more videos. This is analyzed when viewers click on another video after your end screen shows. This gives you perspective on the type of videos which you need to work on more.

Viewer behavior: This is an in depth analysis of your audience. It mentions every important detail that you need to know about your viewers. Some of the categories include, what time your viewers are active on youtube, what other channels they watch and many more. This gives the detailed behavior of your audience in easy to understand statistics.

Conclusion – How to see who viewed your Youtube video

It is already mentioned that you cannot see the names of all the people watching your videos. But if you look at it objectively, you do not need to know every viewer’s name, rather it would not be possible for you if the option was in fact available. The statistics in analytics gives you more than enough to judge your channel performance. If you need to grow quickly, you can buy Youtube views cheap.