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7 Ways to Increase Youtube watch Hours on your Youtube channel

7 Ways to Increase Youtube watch Hours on your Youtube channel

Youtube has become a medium to influence the marketing platform in recent days. The number of consumers of Youtube content is growing considerably. With the introduction of Youtube shorts, the engagement has increased even more. Youtube shorts are literally what the name suggests. Shorts are small videos of barely a few seconds where the whole content has to be portrayed. With this new development, it becomes easier to gain a greater number of views but since the videos are extremely short, they do not contribute a lot to your watch hours. So, your main focus has to be those long videos that Youtube is originally known for featuring. This artcile describe about Effective ways to increase Youtube watch hours on your Youtube channel.

Effective ways to increase Youtube watch hours on your Youtube channel

The easiest way to gain Youtube views is if you buy Youtube watch hours in India. But there are some tricks that you can apply to gain Youtube views on your own without external support.

1. Maintain regularity of posting

If you look at it from the point of view of a viewer on Youtube, you would not be interested in a channel that does not post content on a regular basis. Every successful Youtube channel has one thing in common, that is, they upload videos in short regular intervals if at all not every day. This is what holds your viewers to your channel. Your viewers are aware when to expect a new video from you. So, they do not lose interest in your content. If you post content irregularly, it robs you of your fans. Moreover, Youtube algorithm works in such a way that the new uploads the channels posting regularly comes at the top of the timeline of the viewers so that they do not miss out on an upload. Now to get a certain level of viewers in the beginning, buy Youtube watch time.

2. Track your progress

Youtube provides you with all kinds of tools to help you get the maximum number of watch hours. So, you have to make use of all those tools to your optimum advantage. Download the Youtube Analytics and login your Youtube account. There you will get a proper statistical report on the progress of your channel. In this way, you will get an idea as to how much more you need to promote your channel or buy Youtube watch time to compensate for the remaining watch hours.

3. Use attractive thumbnail

It cannot be stressed enough as to how much the thumbnail of a Youtube video does in increasing its views. The thumbnail is the first impression that the viewer gets of the contents within. Your thumbnail has to be attractive to catch the attention of the user amongst the other hundreds of videos. The thumbnail should also be a brief and quirky description of the contents of the video. It is like the cover of a book. Just like we tend to get inclined towards a book with an interesting cover, the same is the case for a Youtube video.

4. Embed Youtube links on websites

If you have a website, now is the best time to use it for your Youtube channel. Embed your Youtube videos with the contents of your website if possible. It is implied that the video must be relevant to the website contents. This way the visitors of your website also turn into viewers of your Youtube channel. Your Youtube video contents can be linked to your website easily just in a few steps. Buy Youtube watch hours in India to top it off along with your website traffic.

5. Live Streams

Livestreams on Youtube are what gives you real time views. Live Streams are also a great way to engage with your viewers and subscribers. In this platform, you can read their real time messages and engage in conversations with them. The more you reach out to your viewers, the more they are going to like your work. If you are wondering about what to make the main theme of your livestream, here are a few suggestions:

  • Question and answer rounds
  • Behind the scenes
  • Announcements
  • Product introductions

Buy Youtube watch time to increase the viewers for your livestreams as well.

6. Playlists based on themes

Most of the Youtube channels have categorically arranged their videos to different playlists. Similarly, you can divide your videos in different playlists based on the subject of the content. Similar or relative content can be grouped together in a single playlist. This helps the viewers get to the exact videos that they wish to watch and not wander about in a sea of videos. If you have many videos, it becomes difficult to find a specific video. People can easily lose interest if they need to look for it so much. Thus, playlists are always helpful.

7. Create longer videos

Yes indeed, a long video can be a displeasure for a part of the population but it has a benefit of its own. Long videos actually add to your Youtube watch time. This does not mean that you make your videos extremely long but just enough to hold the attention span of the viewers and also contribute well to your watch hours. If your content is engaging enough, then the length of the video does not affect the viewers. So, here comes another factor to creating a Youtube video which is quality content. Every user is looking for quality content. They are willing to invest their time if they feel like they have gained something from the videos.

The methods mentioned above are things that you can apply to increase views on your own and keep the traffic for the long run. Buy Youtube watch hours in India to fasten the view gaining process. This will also help you practically apply these tricks and get successful results. If you wish to quickly increase traffic to your channel, buy Youtube watch time for your videos.